New Account

You can obtain the form personally from several branches of the bank for opening a new account. For this, you will have to produce some documents like identity card, domicile certificate, reference of a guarantor.


New Passport

The meaning of new passport is to apply for a passport for the very first time in your life or to apply for a passport in case you have not possessed it earlier. In event of an application being made at Passport office...



Delhi University is a university of national importance. For the first time, this university has made available admission forms on the Internet as well as counters at 12 post offices, which are spread across Delhi.


Application Form of Scheduled Caste Certificate Delhi

To download form of Scheduled Caste Certificate of Delhi click here: SC FORM Delhi

Documents Needed

Duly attested application form by M.L.A., M.P., Municipal Councillors or Gazetted Officers.

Copy of proof of residence like ration card etc.

For proof of date of birth, birth or school certificate is required. In case, the applicant is illiterate, then an affidavit declaring his/her age is needed.

Attestation by oath commissioner/notary public on an affidavit that declares the name, residential address, father’s name, caste and period of residence in Delhi.

Proof of residence before and after marriage for married women.

Copy of father’s/brother’s/sister’s SC Certificate.

Two witnesses should submit attested copy of their identity cards and give in writing that they know the person and his caste, if no member of the applicant’s family has SC/ST certificate.

Attested by Gazetted Officer documents at Sr. No. 2 to 7.