New Account

You can obtain the form personally from several branches of the bank for opening a new account. For this, you will have to produce some documents like identity card, domicile certificate, reference of a guarantor.


New Passport

The meaning of new passport is to apply for a passport for the very first time in your life or to apply for a passport in case you have not possessed it earlier. In event of an application being made at Passport office...



Delhi University is a university of national importance. For the first time, this university has made available admission forms on the Internet as well as counters at 12 post offices, which are spread across Delhi.


New Driving License Application Form

For getting new driving license, you are supposed to indulge yourself in the filling and submitting the form, which is available at the website,

A Car Driving License in India can be obtained in two ways.

  • Obtaining a learner’s driving license
  • Obtaining a permanent driving license

How to get a Learner’s driving license: The individuals, who are interested in getting a learner’s driving license is expected to individually stand in front of the licensing authority. The documents, which are required for applying this license:

  • In an event of transport license, a driving certificate in form number 5 is required.
  • A medical certificate in form number 1A wherever its application is useful. Also, an application for medical certificate, which will comprise of a declaration in the form number 1 is required.
  • For checking test of competency for driving and issuance of a license, fees as written in rule 32 is required.
  • Three latest passport size photos of the applicant are required.
  • A valid learner’s driving license belonging to the vehicle, for which the applicant is going to apply for issuance of a permanent license.
  • The applicants, who apply for driving license, must present her/his permanent driving license for light-weighted vehicle for one year at least, medical certificate in form 1A and either male or female applicant should not be less than 20 years of age at any cost. In addition to this, the applicant is supposed to get through a test, which is based on responsibilities and traffic signs. As soon as the applicant pass the entire test, the applicant is liable to be issued a learner’s driving license, which will be valid for half year from the date of issuance. This license is liable to be renewed soon after its expiry of validity of six months. For getting a permanent driving license, one is supposed to fill up the form no. 4 for procurement of a permanent license.
  • A medical certificate in form no 1A is required. An application for a medical certificate will contain a complete declaration in the form no. 1.
  • Fees of Rs. 15 are chargeable for every class of the vehicle.
  • Three latest passport size photographs regarding the applicant is required.
  • Proof of domicile certificate is required.
  • Certificate of proof of age is required
  • Application form no.2 is required, which is made available from the concerned department.

In addition to this, for getting a permanent driving license, the candidate is supposed to go through a test on driving that vehicle for which the candidate has applied. Apart from this, the candidate is to pass the test and ensure that he or she is expert in driving that vehicle. One who does not keep license with oneself may either be challaned or fined.