New Account

You can obtain the form personally from several branches of the bank for opening a new account. For this, you will have to produce some documents like identity card, domicile certificate, reference of a guarantor.


New Passport

The meaning of new passport is to apply for a passport for the very first time in your life or to apply for a passport in case you have not possessed it earlier. In event of an application being made at Passport office...



Delhi University is a university of national importance. For the first time, this university has made available admission forms on the Internet as well as counters at 12 post offices, which are spread across Delhi.



The driving license is liable to be renewed as soon as its validity expires. You are supposed to pay visit to the local zonal office for the very same.

Validity of Driving License

Your license will be valid for a span of twenty years, which is countable from issuing date of the license or until you attain 50 years of age. Nevertheless, if your license is for goods, passenger or commercial vehicle, it should be made renewed after every three years.

You require medical certificate if:

If your age is more than 40 years

If you possess commercial license

Documents required for renewal of Driving License

For Private license:

An application in form no. 9

Amounts of Rs.15 and 65 for the fees and photograph respectively and also lamination of driving license

Two copies of your latest passport size photograph

Driving license held

Proof of residence and age

Medical form no. 1 if you are above 40 years of age

The documents, which are used for the above, are also used for obtaining private license

Medical form no. 1 in all types of cases

Driver refreshing training certificate in event of HMV

In event of Private license, the record is not deemed to be justified if the particulars appear to be unambiguous on the concerned license. Nevertheless, for commercial license, the particulars are justified from the concerned issuing authority. The process of renewal of license in event of private license is performed on the same day but as far as commercial license is concerned, its renewal is affirmed after justification of the particulars.