New Account

You can obtain the form personally from several branches of the bank for opening a new account. For this, you will have to produce some documents like identity card, domicile certificate, reference of a guarantor.


New Passport

The meaning of new passport is to apply for a passport for the very first time in your life or to apply for a passport in case you have not possessed it earlier. In event of an application being made at Passport office...



Delhi University is a university of national importance. For the first time, this university has made available admission forms on the Internet as well as counters at 12 post offices, which are spread across Delhi.


RTI Application Form


1. Introduction

There is a specific format available for each Indian who wants to seek any information from government functionary under the RTI Act 2005.  The application must reach to Public Information Officer or Asst Public Information Officer.  The same must be in the format or in own handwriting or printed on one side paper.

2. Application Fee

Any application under the RTI Act 2005, must be accompanied the prescribed fee for the information asked  and the same drawn in favor of Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd.  The fee must be payable to the local office on which the application is lodged.  The application fee may be in form of Indian postal Order.

Application Fee

Presently the minimal application fee is determined as Rs. 10/- (Ten).  The fee is changeable as per type of application and output asked in the form.

Mode of Payment

The fees can be paid in cash (having proper receipt), by DD/banker’s cheque/IPO.  BPL population is not required to pay any fee against the information asked.  They must provide the documentary evidence of being the BPL category.  Under the provision of act, BPL families have exemption from paying any fee for asking the information.

3. Additional Fee

If it is determined that the information is to be given to the applicant, he/she may ask to pay additional fee as the information may be asked in form of a plain document/CD/large paper sheet which involves financial effect. This is the provision of the act to do so.  As per the directive principles of the act circulated in on 16 Sept 2005, additional fee may ask from the applicant.  Presently the rates of providing the information which are also changeable are elaborated below:

a For each page (in A-4 or A-3 size
paper) created or copied
Rs. 2/- per page
b For a copy in larger size paper Actual charge or cost price
c For samples or models Actual cost or price
d For inspection of records No fee for the first hour; Rs.5/hr. thereafter

As per the provisions laid out under sub-section (5) of RTI Act 2005, every applicant will be charged a nominal fee against seeking information.  The prevailing rates are as under:

a For information provided in diskette or floppy Rs. 50/-(Rupees fifty only) per diskette or floppy
b For information provided in printed form At the price fixed for such publication or Rs.2/- per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication

System for paying additional fee will be the same as application fee is paid. Any of the method can be selected whether IPO/DD/Banker’s Check /Cash (against proper receipt).

4. Appeal

If there is no response or clear cut decision is received to applicant within the stipulated time limit, applicant can appeal to next higher authority with the photo copy of earlier taken steps under RTI act.  Section 7 of the act is clear on this aspect.  PIO is liable to respond within 30 days of finding the application, in case he fails to do so, the applicant approach to next higher rank of Appellate Authority.


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